The Grotte di Falvaterra Caves

If you stay on our Bed and Breakfast you should definitely visit the Grotte di Falvaterra (Falvaterra Caves)
It is one of most important nature’s wonders in the central part of Italy.

The Grotte di Falvaterra is a unique habitat a few kms away from The La Voce del Vento Bed and Breakfast and it is also nearby the Grotte di Pastena.

The underground path is more than 5 km long, an exciting excursion where you will see stalactites, stalagmites and fossil areas. The Grotte di Falvaterra and its underground cavern is connected to the Grotte di Pastena – Caves of Pastena.

Guests can enjoy a guided visit to Grotte di Falvaterra in summer.
It happens occasionally, and it is special,that a complete tour is organized: it starts in Grotte di Falvaterra and ends in the Grotte di Pastena.

Please always refer to the Grotte di Falvaterra office for further information.

The Grotte di Falvaterra Caves
a few kms away from our Bed and Breakfast



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