Bed and Breakfast near Highway A1 Frosinone – exploring Ciociaria Region

Bed and breakfast near Highway A1 Frosinone is a smart choice to visit the south of Lazio region.

Ciociaria area and its major city, Frosinone, offer visitors breathtaking landscapes, charming villages set in green landscapes and ancient sites.

Ciociaria includes the area of the Ernici and Ausoni Mountains, and the Liri and Sacco Valleys running into the Gulf of Gaeta. Cosa river, which passes through the headwaters of Frosinone before ending at the Sacco river, has always been significant to the city’ s past, as evidenced by the necropolis discovered along the river’s course.

Mountain chains, caves, lakes and thermal bath near Highway A1

Hills adorned with mountain chains, often corroded by karstic phenomena – for example, the Caves of Pastena, a complex of caves and underground cavities with spectacular stalactites, stalagmites and underground lakes, and the Caves of Collepardo which, in combination with the beauty created by the dripping water, have given the scene to discoveries from the Bronze Age.

The hills, green fields and altiplano make Ciociaria an excellent place for practising hiking and outdoor sports. There are many natural sites providing open-air activities such as hiking, hiking and mountain riding. Posta Fibreno Lake Nature Reserve, the Selva di Paliano Nature Parks, Lake Cardito, the Vallerotonda pine forest, Lake Canterno, the monumental Terelle chestnut grove, the Liri River waterfalls in Isola del Liri, and the Collepardo and Pastena Caverns are some of these natural attractions.

Thermal Baths are another attraction, Fiuggi is an important thermal centre. The water has been used for therapeutic reasons since the year 1000.

For ski and snowboard enthusiasts, Campo Staffi and Campocatino are well-known equipped ski resorts, situated at an height of about 1500 to 2000 metres. In Folk events and festivals, the Alatri Folklore Festival and the Palio dei Rioni, a historic tournament, should be mentioned. 

In Pastena the (Feast of the Holy Cross and the month of May) is celebrated every year, an event to receive spring with rites of fertility of the earth.

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