What to see between Rome and Naples

What to see between Rome and Naples ? Italy has endless suggestions for you!

For a traveller and even for locals, exploring Italy and all it has to offer could be a large problem.

Getting to know Italy as a traveller is always challanging – it is simply too much to explore and see. you could ticking places to see off your list, but on the meantime you will discover many things to add on your list.

Anyway this is what we love about Italy!

When in Rome, poder organyzing a tour to one of the charmiest region in Italy. This post is for travellers who want to avoid the beaten path and look for new places to be discovered. Let’s go to Ciociaria.
This is a fantastic answer to the question what to see between Rome and Naples.

What to see between Rome and Naples ? Ciociaria is a true “scoperta”!

The Ciociaria preserves in its apparently poor territory some real artistic jewels. Many ancient architectural treasures are hidden in the small villages that dot the Ciociaria: from the caves of Pastena to those of Falvaterra, from the lavatory of Ripi to the famous charming village of Veroli called the “little Florence”. There are many historical evidences in Ciociaria: this land in the southern part of Lazio was home to the Ausons and the Samnites. The Ciociaria is the land of Latium that runs between the Ernici and Ausoni mountains, between the valleys of Liri and Sacco until you reach the stunning Gulf of Gaeta.

We love Ciociaria and we have gathered for you top things to do.

One thing we can tell you for sure: you won’t be disappointed, ejoy your travel and have a look at What to see between Rome and Naples.

Pastena and Pastena Caves (Le Grotte di Pastena).

The Caves of Pastena are an unmissable natural landscape located in the area of the Ausoni Mountains.
Le Grotte di Pastena are split into two paths and have a length of more than three kilometers. The Caves of Pastena offer tours designed for the traveller’s comfort. Attractive trails will allow you to admire this impressive underground natural scenery in complete security.

Tourist guides will guide you through the paths. They will show you stalactites and stalagmites of the most fun shapes, you will discover lakes and nice stories about the films shot at the Caves of Pastena.

One of the most important answers to the question What to see between Rome and Naples is the possibility of accessing and admiring a natural landscape that is still intact, where man has only intervened to create a safe itinerary.

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