Here you will be looked after by the Bisceglia family.

My father, Pasquale, bought this property when I was a small child.
My mother, Karin, my sisters and I spent the most amazing time here enjoying the serenity of the hills among simplicity and familiarity.

Papà , Pasquale, loved and cared for every single brick of La Voce del Vento and welcomed relatives and friends.

Mamma , Karin, filled every single nook and cranny with her love for flowers and the aroma of home-cooked biscuits. Now, she welcomes guests with her warm smile.

The warm familiarity I experienced from a very young age is the heart of our hospitality. My love for nature is the reason I have maintained the authenticity of this place. Authenticity that is in perfect harmony with the Ciociaria region, an area to be explored.