On a budget wedding venues in Lazio Italy

Are you looking for on a budget wedding venues in Lazio Italy?

The La Voce del Vento  sits near high seaside cliffs on some of the finest seaside acres in Italy, Lazio.

Its cliff-top patios make for perfect ceremony settings. They sit high above and hundreds of acres of flowers, mandorle tree. Off in the distance are two of Italy’s most famous caves: Grotte di Pastena and Grotte di Falvaterra. La Voce Del Vento has its own wonderful flower which are used for receptions.

Soon we are ready to host the most beautiful weddings … here’s our idea. We love quality food and for your wedding we will help you to study a menu full of delicious organic ingredients.

With our staff you can choose which organic first and second courses to celebrate your wedding.

From the very moment we chose to offer our location to wedding receptions in the lazio countryside, the goal was to propose recipes with ingredients from organic and biodynamic farming. We have created delicious menus ideal for a top quality reception. Our menù talk about this fantastic region near Rome.

On a budget wedding venues in Lazio Italy a place born out of Daniela and Alessandro’s love for each other.

Daniela and Alessandro, both professionals in the tourism field, are the owners of this lovely place.

In 2000, they met thanks to their working relationship. In 2002 they chose to join forever and, also joined by the love for hospitality, they opened this nice 3-star hotel with its organic restaurant.

Today Daniela and Alessandro work together with a specialized staff to make this hotel ecofriendly, an extraordinary place where you can stay, enjoy organic food and celebrate special events such as a wedding.

The choice of countryside and ecochic wedding style is another plus of this location. Daniela and Alessandro loves nature and began to apply practices aimed at lowering environmental impact.
We have installed flow reducers on more than 95% of our washbasins, bidets and shower faucets. 90% of our toilets have a dual-flush option.
The complimentary toiletries at your disposal have an Ecolabel certificate.

In addition to the common areas of La Voce del Vento ideal for your wedding reception with a eco-chic flavor, the newlyweds and their guests can take advantage of the nice rooms for an unforgettable stay.

Our lovely stone swimming pool awaits you.
We will be happy to make you a quote designed for your needs.

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