Best places to stay in lazio for nature lovers.

Best places to stay in lazio for nature lovers.?
Our B&B is the perfect place to escape from everyday life and live an authentic Italian rural experience in an enchanting, peaceful and authentic hilly landscape in Lazio Region.

We are far from the chaos of everyday life. We love the infinite countryside and want our guests to rediscover the colors of nature. Here you can find the time to enjoy the ever changing skies. You will love silence, and the luxury of peace and a slow rhythm.

Best places to stay in lazio for nature lovers between Rome and Naple

We are in Ciociaria, a region that preserves in its territory, real artistic jewels. Many ancient architectural treasures are hidden in the small villages that surround the Ciociaria: from the caves of Pastena to those of Falvaterra, from the washhouse of Ripi to the famous and fascinating village of Veroli called the “little Florence”. There are numerous historical testimonies of Ciociaria: this land of southern Lazio was the seat of the Ausoni and the Sanniti. Ciociaria runs between the Ernici and Ausoni mountains, between the Liri and Sacco valleys until it reaches the splendid Gulf of Gaeta.

Without delay we tell you that you will not be disappointed, enjoy the trip .

We are halfway between Naples and Rome.
If you are heading towards the south of Italy, you cannot leave Lazio without seeing its most authentic part, without being pampered by us.

Best places to stay in lazio for caves lovers

The Caves of Pastena are an unmissable natural landscape located in the area of the Ausoni Mountains and are only 5 minutes by car from us. Mamma Karin will show you the way, but not before she has delighted you with her cookies.

The caves are divided into two paths and have a length of over three kilometers. They offer routes designed for the comfort of the traveller. The impressive routes will allow you to admire this amazing natural underground scenery in complete safety.

Tourist guides will guide you through the trails. They will show you stalactites and stalagmites of the most amusing shapes, you will discover lakes and beautiful stories about the films shot in the caves of Pastena.

Here you have the opportunity to access and admire a natural landscape that is still intact, where man only intervened to create a safe route to visit the caves.

Best places to stay in lazio if you love the sea

Sperlonga is a popular destination for its sea.
Many of our guests combine an overnight stay in our guesthouse immersed in the Lazio countryside with days at sea in the pretty village of Sperlonga.

Far from the chaos of crowded hotels typical of the sea, our Guest House will give you a different holiday where the days at sea go hand in hand with the quiet of the countryside and the discovery of original destinations such as the Caves of Pastena, Falvaterra, Montecassino and much more.

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